Sunday, 13 December 2015

Mast up and sorting out the rigging

Today we finally got the mast up on the yacht and over the next few days will get it set up up ready to go for a trial sail after Christmas. The rigging will have to be tensioned up for a while so that the rigging wire and the fittings get sorted and the adjustments to the tension can be made once the rig as settled down.

So over the next few days the sails will be bend on to the spars and adjustments will be made where necessary and any modifications made to the sails. So that next year when the yacht get recommissioned it will be ready to go sailing and racing for the first time in a long time in the Old Gaffers Races that she used to race in many years ago.

One of the many things that is going to be done over the winter on the better days is to go sailing and train up new racing crew for the new racing season.

But first we have to get the yacht sorted out and get on with has many of the jobs remaining on the To do List.

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