Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Getting on the refit of a classic East Coast Gaffer.

The navigation station now looking like it is also ready to see action with all the necessary bits of equipment in place, The VHF and LW/FM radio the GPS and the Log/echo sounder and the handheld VHF. All that is missing is the Chart Table which is being varnished and when finished will be put into position.

The GPS outside position as well as the log/ echo sounder bracket so that both bits of equipment can be used in both positions when needed.

The cockpit coamings looking good now they are in position.

They will look good when they are all in position and the cockpit just needs its seats to finish of the area.

The wash boards getting their first coat of undercoat and once finished will get their trims refitted and put back on the yacht.

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