Sunday, 24 March 2013

Repairs to a fox & Son Motor Launch circ 1960's

Here are a few photos of the restoration of a Fox & Son of Ipswich motor launch build in the 1960's.
 The builder plate, the company now is Fox's Marina Ipswich Ltd.

 Repairs done in the past to stop the boat from leaking
 doubled up ribs removed when new ribs were put in and holes removed.
 Nice steering wheel made out of wood that the boat was made from back in the 1960's
 All thepaint removed to find out the extend of repairs needed to the hull
 Another photo showing the port side of the hull
 Photo of the bottom of the boat on the port side
 Photo of port forward before bilge keel was removed to expose spilt plank below it.
 Photo of port side with spilt planks removed
 Photo of port side aft showing that the planks were removed full length so that new plank were going to go back again the same way, in one length.
 Photo of the only shorty plank put in this restoration
 Photo of the front end of the port side showing the curve of the planks on the turn of the bilge
 Photo showing the two planks removed on the starboard side full length planks again
 Photo showing the first plank being refitted to the port side, the garboard plank.
 Photo of the stem on the starboard side
 fitting planks on the starboard side
 On Port side too
 Another photo showing the plank being fitted to the port side
 Photo showing the starboard planks now in place and ready to be clinched up
 Phot of the port side plank in and clinched up and now getting ready to fit second port side plank
 Second port side plank being fitted and then clinched in place
 Photo of the inside of the boat
 Another photo of the inside showing that one of the engine beds was removed to enable the planking under the engine to be replaced
 Photo of the boat the right way up and getting ready to return to owner for him to paint and varnish the boat ready for the new season.

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