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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

So the new planks go back in.

The first photo shows the boat after the old planks were taken out and after the lands were cleaned up ready to fit the new planks in place
 The second photo shows the starboard plank in place,but before the plank is nailed and clinched in place, also the port side plank starting to be fitted.
 This photo is looking forward showing the plank in place ready to be nailed.
 Looking aft on the starboard towards the transom
 Fitting the port plank in place
 Port plank in place ready to be nailed into place
 Photo of the plank fitted to the stem

Port side looking forward towards the stem.

Once these planks are back in place then, work will continue on replacing other planks and then refitting the seats and seat stringers as well as the bilge stringers. 

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