Thursday, 3 May 2018

At last have got to the end of the old wiring in the cockpit

After a couple of days tracing the wires round the cockpit and removing the old redundant wiring that over the years the boat as been collecting, it was time to call it a day on this and remove all but the wires that are needed going forward. In other words the bare minimum to start off with and only put in wiring that is necessary going forward and so making best use of the area in the cockpit where the switch panel is going to be sited.

Also removed the old autopilot which was sitting in the engine bay and not contacted to anything apart from the pipes going in and out the ram and the motor. As sometime in the past all the electrical working parts had been removed making what was left was U/S. Another job that got done this week was the removal of the wiring under the cockpit sole that was no longer used or was old instrument wiring which will be removed when the new instrument transducers are fitted in the place where the old transducers are being removed from to make way for the old transducers.

Now the engine bay is now down to its basic wiring and now only what is needed is going back in place. 

So next week it is going to be time to get to grips with the cockpit rebuild and redesigning so that the best use is made of the area and the refitting of tanks and batteries and cockpit lockers and new helmsman and navigator seat to be made to fit in place of the old seating. Then it will be time to tackle the rope fender removal and the polishing of hull and renew the chain locker bulkhead and the other jobs on the work list.

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