Saturday, 12 March 2016

Building a new toilet compartment on a old ship's lifeboat as it gets converted to a liveaboard boat

The long fore and aft bulkhead now in position ready to be glassed in position

A fore and aft view of the same bulkhead 

A couple of softwood blocks to hold the bulkhead in position while the fibreglass matting  and resin hardened off

A couple of blocks at the top to do the same job as the lower blocks

The compartment now taking shape and form

The aft bulkhead now fitted into position ready to be glassed into position

A view from the aft side of the bulkhead

Heavy grade stern gear which needs a little TLC and a new floor putting over it to protect it.

Cutting out part of the old seating area to fit the new tanks for the grey / black water systems 

The new floor in position  

A side on view of the aft end of the toilet compartment

The new temporary floor over the services sited under the cabin floor.

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