Monday, 23 March 2015

A good day's work and more tomorrow

Today we got a number of the smaller jobs out of the way, jobs such as making and painting the small floorboards ahead of the sea toilet which had not been done during the last refit and painting the chain locker lid and cutting the hole for the chain to run through when hauling and lowering the chain when anchoring. Also done was the edge of the cabin roof and screwing down the joint between the two sheets of marine plywood which makes up the outer layer of the cabin side.

The cockpit inside of the hull as now got its first coat of primer and is looking a whole lot better than before, just a few more coats of primer before starting to paint the undercoat and white gloss of the inside of the hull of the cockpit.

Another job that was done was to make up the cleats to fix the ends of the cabin bunk backrests in position.

The next job in the inside of the yacht is to fix the cleats for the backrest in position  and paint the floorboards in the front of the yacht as well as the chain locker lid and then get on with the nailing up of the ribs that are already in position and get on with the jobs under the bunks and make the new floorboards in the area under the bunk tops.

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