Monday, 28 July 2014

More work on Reveller

Starting to put new wood into the boat, the first of the rotten frames that as to be replaced.

A photo of fitting the frame under the bunk front and behind that on to the keel.

A photo of the transom where the bottom is broken away as the stern rubbing skate last screw was screwed to close to the end and spilt the wood.

 A photo of a temporary brace put in place to hold the planking together while the ribs are replaced with new ribs and they are nailed back in place.

A photo of the bottom of the engine room to aft cabin, the area was boxed in with sealed lockers and a hot exhaust running through it, so it became a breeding ground for rot. This time when it is replaced there will be plenty of ventilation.   

A photo of the corner knee getting bolted back in place with stainless bolts.

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