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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Busy week at the workshop

This week saw the hull of the Mai-Star Class dinghy reach the halfway stage of the hull being build.

But trying to get some mahogany that was going to be close to what I needed which was a piece of Mahogany 16 inch wide was difficult if not impossible to find at the right price. However, I was able to get pieces that were close and the wood is coming back from the timber merchants after having been planned down to the correct finished thickness to make the cabin sides.

So next week it will time to get out the router and cut joint for the spline to sit in and so the two halfs of the cabin sides can be made up to the full width.

 Then I have the wood it is only a matter of getting the pieces glued together and once the cabin sides are glued and cleaned up it will be time to take them to the boat and start to fit them in place.

At the same time I will be time to going to my forest man  for the green oak to make the new ribs for the boat and get them steamed in place.  Also getting some more larch for the hull planking and then get that thicknessed and then steamed in place to finish off the hull planking that needed replacing during this refit.

Then comes the  work that needs sorting out on the inside of the boat.  

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