Friday, 28 December 2018

Plans for the New Year and beyond

The very first project to get finished off after the Christmas break will be the Finesse 21 decks and rubbing strakes and other trims and get her back to her owners and then back to her home morrings 

Then get "Jasmine" the Halcyon dinghy finished off , the last few jobs on her are to refit the thwarts and get a few coats of varnish on the hull and paint the bottom then get will be off back to its owner's sailing club so that he can go sailing in the spring.

Then it is this launch to get its stern gear sorted and the propeller refitted correctly and so the launch can be used by its owner for pottering round the local rivers and creeks. 

Then on to the Hardy 25 and get her refit finished so she can get down to the river severn and her new home and her new adventures in the west country. 

Finally we may get time to finish this new dinghy off and get her afloat for the spring and sailing around the local rivers and creeks.

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