Sunday, 14 October 2018

Update on progress at the workshop and down at the yard

Last Monday my new apprentice started working for my company and he has fitted in well to the way we work and is a quick learner when it comes to making new panels to go into the yacht. After a morning of showing him around the yard and the workshop and showing him where all the equipment and tools are stored and put away everyday.

It was down to work, the first job was to clean up the workshop so that he could see that in order to work effectively and in a safe manner the workshop has to be kept clean and tidy and clear of any hazards. One of the major rules of any workshop, keep the work area clean and tidy.

After that job was done the apprentice was given a bulkhead panel to replace which is a simple job for an experienced boat builder is a daunting job for s new apprentice. However with the correct instructions the apprentice can and did get on with the job well and by the end of the day was ready to mark the template out and cut the new bulkhead panel the next morning.

However, that did not happen as I was admitted into hospital for a week with cellulitis. This has taken me off my feet and will continue to keep me off my feet for the next week, however with my new apprentice doing most of the heavy work and I can direct him to do most of work I would otherwise do. So although the work will be done it will be done at a slower rate, but it will be done.

So Monday the team will start again and will be interviewing a second apprentice to help get the work done and to be able to quote for more work over the coming months.

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