Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Got a number of jobs sorted today

Today, being my first day which i did not feel under the weather, I was able to get a number of jobs done and other underway on the Finesse 24. Was able to cut the lengths of wood for the trims for the edge of the upper and lower deck edges and start to get the rubbing stake backs cleaned up and get rid of the old sealant and bits of rotten planking and deck that came off when the decks were removed

Have two young people working .work under my supervisor the jobs were got underway and, just need finishing off before they get on to the next jobs on the yacht.

The next job on the yacht that as to be done is to plane the top and bottom of the trims to the angle of the deck. so when they are fitted they sit well along the cabin side and on the deck to make a good seal between an area that moves while the yacht is underway in a seaway. Another job to do tomorrow is to radius the outside edge of the lower deck and sort out the top of the transom so that the whole of the deck is going to be ready to get painted at the weekend.

One job that as to be done tomorrow or and Thursday is to harden up the nails on the ribs in the main cabin between the toilet compartment and the cockpit bulkhead so that the plank will give less time to take up when she goes back afloat. While this is getting done the main hatchway surround and trim will be refitted and the sliding hatch will be re-instated and the new fore hatch philth will be made to take the new hatch. So all in all a busy few days ahead for me and my new apprentices. 

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