Thursday, 29 March 2018

A busy week down at the boatyard and workshop

In the run up to Easter weekend it as been busy with a number of projects being moved out of the workshop and put in storage awaiting their owners to pick them up and Take them away over Easter. While other projects have been coming into the workshop to get worked on over the pasat week and making room for other boats to arrive next week to get their refits underway. One of the boats coming to the yard is a boat that was built while I worked at another yard 30 years ago and is in need of a major refit to get it back to its former glory and sailing in another part of the country from which as spent most of its last thirty years sailing in. A big diffrence The Norfolk Boards  for the last thirty years and now its new home in the Bristol.

During this past week the team at J-Star Boat Services as been doing a number of engine jobs from a diesel tank removal and fuel system renewal to removing an engine to change a heat exchanger on an engine that could not be done with the engine in the yacht. Like many jobs that need major parts of engine changing it is easier to remove the engine to get the part removed with ease rather than cut the boat about to get the part off the engine.

The Shetland Black Hawk refit is coming along well with many of the jobs done now and just the engine to bolt on to the boat as soon as the new trailer arrives next week so that the boat sits on the trailer correctly and is balanced correctly for the engine weight on the transom and it up to regulations to be towed on the road by its new owner. 

The Enterprise dinghy was just in the workshop for a few last jobs to be done and the Mast support weld to its base bracket so that the mast can be put back on the trailer and the boat can be used again for sailing after Easter and so the staff can go for a sail at the weekends when the weather is fine and there are a good breeze to sail with, or at least thats the plan.

So after Easter there are going to be two Hardy 25's to do refits on , finish off the Shetland Black Hawk and then do the Shetland 570 and get the Classic 1930's yacht stern tube repair finished off the Mai Star Class dinghy finish off and get in the water.  Sothe team  at J-Star Boat Services has a busy few weeks and a couple of months ahead.

If that was not enough the team as to get Mai-Star II refit underway and get the yacht back in the water for the summer so the team can comple in the local old gaffers race over the summer season.

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