Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trailer maintenance long over due, a tale of client not looking after his trailer.

Bit of a frustrating morning at work replacing this boat trailer's brake shoes on this client's trailer. When I got down to the removing the drum on the front right hand wheel, there was no brake material on the shoes just brake dust and rust. So it was a matter of stripping down what there was left and cleaning up parts and lightly oiling up the moving parts the needed freeing up to work correctly. Then putting the whole brake system back together. a job that should have take a couple of hours took four hours instead. Happy days not!!!!!!!! One brake drum down just three mopre to go. then the trailer will be road legal again and will brake correctly. It will be time to let the owner know that he should take better care of his trailer in future and not leave it so long before getting sorted. 

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