Saturday, 11 November 2017

Roll coaster ride of a week.

This last week as been a rollcoaster ride with delivery trip down from my yard to the Thames on Sunday into Monday. Then back to the workshop to do a number of jobs round the yard including boat movements to get the best use of the space in the workshop and around the yard.

One job on the list is to sort out the brakes on my large flat bed trailer and and maintenace on the other trailers around the yard, so they are already for the winter. As there is going to be a lot of jobs that are going to need one or other of the trailers at some time during the winter.

One of my major jobs is going to make a good sized wood store to put all the plywood and timber in a place where it is out of the workshop, but at the same time under cover.

One of my less fun jobs to do is put my yacht's mast in the roof of workshop out of the weather until it is ready to go back on the yacht in the spring. Also another job is to make a over winter cover over the yacht so I can work on it.

So over next few weeks it going to be mixture of  workshop and yard maintenace and boat repairs so that the yard is going into the end of the year in good shape and ready for the new year.

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