Friday, 1 September 2017

Busy Thursday working on the dinghies in the workshop

On The Mai-Star Class dinghy starting to coat the inside with white undercoat 

One side done

The whole of the inside done, just a few more coats of paint and the inside will be finished

The Little Mai dinghy getting the hull cleaned off of the old paint 

Then a good sanding down before painting with epoxy primer 

First coat of epoxy primer, now start the filling and fairing the bottom and repairing the back end of the keel



The back of the dinghy needs the repairs doing and then the hull can start to be painted in its new livery

The transom pad now glassed in position and ready to be flow coated and the seat battens can be made and the seat an be screwed down in position 

The seat being placed in position just needs the battens making and another can be taken off the refit list

The foredeck getting coated in epoxy and matting and then trimmed before being coated with epoxy primer and deck painted and the foredeck fitting refitting in position

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