Friday, 1 September 2017

Busy Friday in the workshop

Getting on with work on the Shetland  family four cruiser

Both the dinghies coming along well with in their different ways, one getting its bulkheads glassed in and the other getting painted. 

The old dinghy getting its old seats removed and the areas cleaned up ready to get the new seat moulded. 

Aft seat came out easily enough and found the reason for the leak and then locker was filled with polystyrene foam to keep leak at bay 

Blank area to work with so the seats can go in the correct position and be able to be used as buoyancy areas 

The foredeck all finished, just needs epoxy primer coated and the deck paint and the trims fitted

The bulkhead and transom pad all flowcoated ready to be painted over with grey paint

Once this is all painted on the inside the outside can be painted and the varnishing can be done and the boat will be delivered to its new owner.

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