Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Another 8ft Little Mai dinghy getting the J-Star Boat Services restoration treatment

Having removed the old seats and gunwales and rubbing strakes it is time to get down to basics with the structure of the dinghy to find out the problems with the hull and repair these these problems before setting about restoring the dinghy back to its original condition

The aft bouyacy tank/seat removed to find a hole in the back end of the keel which needs rebuilding and strengthening 

The front seat was removed to be replaced with a bouyacy tank and seat

The centre thwart kept in place while it is put in the restoration jig where the hull will be supported while it is worked on by the J-Star Boat services team of apprentices 

First stage of getting the dinghy in the workshop ready to work on moving it around on its trailer with the restroation jig on top of the boat

Trailer removed and now set up on the jig ready to get to work on the hull

As you can see the workshop is a hive of activity with a number of different dinghies in the workshop in different stages of work on them

The hull now as its wooden insert in the keel removed and ready to dry out so that a new piece of hardwood can be fitted in the keel after the aft end of the keel is repaired

The old front seat blocks now removed and the area now ready to grind back the fibreglass to key in the hull to fit the new front seat bouyancy tank.

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