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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Last week was busy with a lot going on in the workshop.

The Jasmine is coming along well with the planks finally cliched up and finished and the two broken ribs removed and the priming of the new planking on the inside of the having been done by the owner.

Her new deck is now starting to take shape with the aft deck and the aft parts of the side decks now glued and screwed in position and ready to sand down once the foredeck and the rest of the side decks are fitted and glued down.

The cabinet work for another client is well in hand and should be finished this week.

Once the Jasmine is finished then the Enterprise can go back in the workshop to be finished off and as as the 8ft dinghy restoration project. Then the Hardy and Shetland boats will be able to go back to their owner and in the case of the Shetland Family Four up on Brokerage to await a new owner.   

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