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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Jasmine returning to the boatyard for a new deck and two new planks and few other small jobs

Jasmine returned to the boatyard for a few jobs which include a new deck.
Having removed the old deck the apprentices cut the new deck to shape and masked up the beams positions and varnished the under side of the deck to seal the plywood from underneath.

A lot of varnishing was done so that the deck could go on as soon as possible

While the deck was being varnished the new aft locker bulkheads were being fitted and then cut down to the correct height 

Starting to fit the aft deck 

Laying the foredeck panels down in place and getting ready to cut the joints to fit them together once the new king plank is fitted under the foredeck to fix the foredeck down too when the foredeck is cut to size.

A couple of photos of the two planks that need replacing, the same plank on both sides and for the same length.

Once these jobs are done then it will be fitting two new cockpit coamings and then all the seats and thwarts and the deck fittings and finally the rubbing strakes.

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