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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Busy Friday down at the Boatyard

Putting in two new turn of bilge planks in this Halcyon dinghy   

It is now off its trailer and up at a good working height to fit the new planks in position 

Work is coming along on the Shetland Family four with new wiring in the cabin and cockpit and a new floor in the middle locker to place the fuel tank on and fitting a new battery compartment out and making up new battery leads to run from the battery locker to the cabin.  

The Hardy Navigator now as its rope fender back in place and the boat is being raised up on the trailer so that the bottom can be cleaned and re-antifouled  

A number of different boats of different sizes in the yard to have different amounts o work done on them from simple refits to full on restorations  

Marking out the planks for the Halcyon dinghy 

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