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Saturday, 17 June 2017

A busy Saturday Morning getting work back on track after a crazy week

Getting the scarf cut on the second plank for Jasmine  

Laying out the plank on the bench so I can plane the land bevel on before making the first dry fit to see if the correct amount of bevel is on the plank land

Once the pplank for Jasmine was sorted out it was outside in the yard to polish the hull of the Hardy Navigator "Me Time" The first good compounding and polishing the Boat as had in 3 years and it look better for it. 

After scarping the bottom of any loose antifouling gave the bottom a light sanding and thern applied a coat of underwater primer to create a barrier between the old and new antifouling 

Last, but least the restoration of an old GRP dinghy which as a new centre thwart and just got to fit the quarter and bow knees and the new wood trim will be complete. 

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