Friday, 24 March 2017

Work coming along well on the Enterprise and restoration work on a tried Shetland Family Four Motor Cruiser

The deck on the Enterprise dinghy are coming along well with the last of the very thinned down coats of varnish being applied. 

The grain of the plywood is now filled and now the surface can be sanded to a flat finish and the varnish depth can now be build up.

The inside and the bottom panels of the dinghy have been given a good cleaning so the bottom can be primed with yacht primer before the bottom panels are re-painted with anti slip paint

Now it as been cleaned both the bottom and the side panels the varnish work can be sanded down to bare wood where necessary 

The Shetland Family Four Cruiser is now getting a good cleaning on the outside before compounding and polishing the hull and superstructure

 The hull and superstructure now cleaned and now waiting to dry off before compounding and polishing the boat and doing the odd gelcoat repair. 

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