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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Restoring a tried Shetland Family Four and get it back into commission for the summer

Much of the work on the Shetland Family Four is cosmetic and will be straight forward to sort out 

A good polish of the hull and superstructure and a coat of fresh antifouling paint on the bottom  

The inside is where the most work will need doing apart from the need for new cabin windows 

It is going to need a new set of cabin side linings as well as a new roof lining panel that need re-covering 

A new cooker will be needed 

The cushions should be ok however the cockpit cushions will need renewing and the electrics will need upgrading to meet today's standards. 

When this is all done then a new engine will be fitted and the boat will be sea trailed to ensure all is working OK.

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