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Friday, 31 March 2017

Progress on the Classic Enterprise restoration

The Enterprise restoration is coming along well with the deck now finished off apart from the final coats of varnish towards the end of the restoration. Now we have made a start on the inside of the Enterprise scraping and sanding down the inside and fitting the inspection hatch in the front buoyancy tank and now have the two drain holes in the bottom and then fit the drain plugs. The seats and aft thwart have come out to be sanded down and re-varnished, when finished put to one side to be stored until the rest of the varnishing is finished in the dinghy, when it will be refitted in position.That is going to be sometime as the inside needs a lot of sanding and re-varnishing. There are a few items to go back on the deck especially the front spray rails and the mainsheet traveller and the jig sheet fairleads and the front handles. 

The mast and sails will need some work as well. Mainly the mast as this needs a complete overhaul with standing and running rigging needing to be replaced, the pulleys need to be removed, freed up and replaced if need be to ensure when we go sailing it all works correctly and there are no breakages.

So although we have come a long way so far there is a long road ahead to get the enterprise back on the water. 

We have to find some new buoyancy bags to go under the seats and behind the aft thwart, so going to be a trawl through the internet for these as well as the rigging. So happy hunting on the internet for these items.

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