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Sunday, 20 November 2016

It as been a busy year at J-Star Boat Services and with more new projects for the new year in the pipeline

At the beginning of  the year it was time to decommission the works dinghy and start its overhaul and restoration which as been on going for much of the year as other projects have come and gone.

One of the projects was to make a small catamaran as a test bed for a new power unit that the client was testing out. 

Then came the ribbing out of our new class of dinghy

As roof rack for a client's kayak so that the kayak did not get damaged while being transported  

 The ongoing restoration of this old gaffer

Mould making for a new dinghy which the company purchased earlier in the year and hopes to bring to the market next year/ 

The conversion of an old ship's/ oil rig lifeboat into a liveaboard cruiser for its owner

and finally a bit of car restoration work before getting back to some more boats in the run up to Christmas

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