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Thursday, 17 November 2016

In the workshop while the weather is against us working outside.

Today was one of those days where it was not possible to work outside as the weather was wet and windy. So it was a day for getting a few jobs done around the workshop. Mainly get on with the new dinghy seat moulds and make up the first two grp seats to fit in the new dinghy which we are fitting out at the moment.

The final bit of construction of the seats was done today, namely the backing pads for the seats to stop them from being to flexible. Once they are flowcoated on the back faces and before they are fitted to the dinghy.

Once this is done then the seats can be glassed into position and the rest of the fitting out can continue.

Then it will be time to make up the middle thwart and make the gunwales and rubbing skates and then make a set of floorboards and oars. also fill in the keel channel so that a keelband can be fitted along the outside of the keel as well as the bilge keels.

The new fore hatch for Mai-Star II is coming along as well with the surplus glue being removed and the hatch being sanded and made ready to have the rebate cut on the top edge of the hatch so that the upper part of the hatch can be made and the top of the hatch can be made to look like a laid deck and a skylight fitted in the centre of the give the forward end of the yacht a bit of light.

So it as been a busy day with a few of the inside jobs being ticked off the list.

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