Sunday, 23 August 2015

This Hardy Marine Boat Owners come to J-Star Boat & Marine Services for advice, As we have a vast knowledge base on their boats

This Hardy Fishing 20 owner came to J-Star Boat & Marine Services for advice on how to correct a propeller problem, with days of investigating the problem, this owner was enjoying his boat and his fishing with a boat that was now fit for purpose. So if you have a problem with Your Hardy, give Simon a call on 01255475020.

This Hardy 18 navigator owner could not get his Hardy 18 to trim out and get on the plane 

So finding out that it did not have its ballast in the bow which later Hardy 18's had fitted, it was fitted in place and now the owner can get his Hardy 18 on the plane and enjoy his fishing and his general cruising around the East coast.

I also contribute to the Hardy Owner Club magazine under the banner "Simon's Says"  

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