Friday, 14 August 2015

It has been a busy week in the workshop

It has been a busy week in the workshop with a job that came in and had to be finished for yesterday morning as the client was going away to use his boat and we had to build him a cradle support for his boat in three days and so he could transport his boat without damaging.
Also we have been working on another project boat doing work on its power unit and test out theories on the way the system will work.
At the same time doing work of repairs to another client;s rudder which had seen better days and was in need of some major re-building work to get it up to being able to be used again.

One of the highlights of the week saw the team making a one off component for a boat which could lead to future work on a number of similar boats as it is designed to help the client's safeguard their boats when moving them around. 

Along with this the team are busy with other work near and far keeping our clients on the water during the boating season. As always keeping a weather eye out with the end of the season not far in the distance and our clients giving us their job lists for work over the winter.   

So next week is going to busy again with a number of phone call over the few weeks turning into new business to see the team busy for the next few months are least.

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