Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Getting on with some of the smaller jobs on Mai-Star II while the weather is against us working out on the Yacht

Getting the bunk back battens varnished for the first time.

They just got to have a few more coats of varnish and they will be ready to go back in place and finish off the area behind the two main cabin bunks. 

Once that job is done then the trims will be made for the tops and ends of the bulkheads around the galley and cooker areas and the edges of the bulkheads at the front end of the main cabin into the fore cabin. 

While this is being done the last of the nails in the bilge area will be fitted and the two short ribs in the cockpit will be steamed n place and the new cockpit sole will be made and fitted as well as the cockpit seats and coamings.  another job underway at the moment is the rebuilding of the rudder with new cheat pieces being made and glued to the repaired blade, when the rudder is finished it will be completely coated epoxy and then painted like the rest of the yacht. 

There is one job that keeps getting put off, but it is one that needs doing ASAP so that the weather can be kept out of the cabin. The cabin roof which as soon as I have a couple of good dry days will be done and then the rest of cabin work can be finished off.

Once the yacht's underwater planks are sorted the yacht can go back in the water and can stay there for the winter while the yacht's planking settles down and the yacht can get back some of the work that as not been done while it was out of the water.

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