Thursday, 27 August 2015

A productive week and more work coming in over the coming weeks.

It has been a very productive week with the final touching being done to a long term project which will go on trials over the next few weeks. With further work to come once the trials are over.

On the Mai-Star class dinghy front the dinghy as had its first two coats of yacht primer on the inside. Over the coming weeks the hull will be finished off and the ribs will be fitted and then the gunwales and thwart stringers will be fitted.

Also the Enterprise dinghy restoration will be continuing with the floor of the dinghy being stripped back to bare wood and the anti slip paint reapplied. Before the rest of the interior gets refitted. However, the interior will have to wait a little while the deck fittings are are refitted and the rubbing strakes are fitted and the hull is finished off and glossed with International Snow White gloss. Once the glossing is done the deck will get their final coats of International Original Varnish. Then it will be ready to get the new buoyant bags and then go for its first sail in over three years.   

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