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Friday, 6 February 2015

Now it time for other projects to get underway again, especially Mai-Star II and get her back in the water for May

Now that I am back from the North of England, it is time to make a start on some of the other projects currently waiting to be continued and in some cases finished off.

There are number of projects that were put on hold from before Christmas which now have the green light to get underway again. The two Shetland cruisers, the Princess 25 and the Enterprise dinghy, the new build clinker dinghy and Mai-Star II. As well as a couple of projects in the pipeline that could be started at any time.

The Enterprise is in need of a fair amount of painting and varnishing and general tidying and the re-fitting of fitting on both the inside and outside before it can take to the water again.

The new build clinker dinghy is in need of the last two planks aside to be fitted and then the interior fit out can start and the boat will start to take shape and be ready for the summer.

Then Mai-Star II need the last of its planks in the bow re-fitting and the rest of the missing ribs steamed in to place and cliched up and then the boat will be ready to be painted and varnished and in places re-caulked, then the cabin roof can be covered and sealed and the deck fitting can be re-fitted and sealed and finally the cockpit can be sorted out and made to be more user friendly. While doing all this work fit in working on two Shetland cruisers and a Princess 25. So the next couple of months are going to be busy at J-Star Boat Services.      

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