Saturday, 17 January 2015

Busy week in North Yorkshire working on a Yorkshire Coble.

This week has been a busy week with new planks being fitted and the boat being painted inside and outside and starting to look more like its old self.

The long plank on the starboard side now refitted and ready for the Rubbing Strakes to be fitted

Having fitted the new plank and painting the hull it was time to fit the first of the Rubbing strakes.

The Rubbing strakes all fitted

All the work done on the starboard side apart from reitting the brass rubbing bands

First coat of undercoat on the inside after two coats of primer

Looking a different boat with a fresh coat of paint

Looking a lot bigger ad brighter with a fresh coat of paint.

Looking lighter and fresher, just a few more coats of paint to go before the inside will be finished off and the engine can go back in.

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