Sunday, 4 January 2015

A New Year and an exciting time at J-Star Boat Services

The start of a New Year and a view to the future as the country comes out of one of the worse recession for a long time. It is now time to look forward to better times ahead. Here at J-Star we have a steady run of jobs to see us through to the Summer with a number of new projects and a number of ongoing project to finish over the coming weeks and months.

We also have to get our own boats ready for the season and get our new clinker dinghy finished off and ready for it debut showing later in the year.

The main push on the home front is to get our sailing challenge yacht finished and afloat for May so it can undergo  sea trials before doing the sailing challenge in the summer.

Other work underway at present is the major refit of the Yorkshire Coble with a number of new planks and rubbing skates that need replacing and a new engine fitted and the sterngear in need of sorting out.

Then we got a new one off project that as come in over the Christmas break which the team are looking forward to tackling.

Also the steady stream of old clients needing their boats got ready for the new season that is not far away.    

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