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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Even more work on Reveller, one step forward and one step back?

At last got round to getting the last of the main part of the hull paint burn off the hull.

With the main part of the hull done the area between the rubbing stakes can get cleaned off and then the hull can get painted up to protect over the next few months.

Like with all projects on older wooden boats that have at some point neglected, there are hidden away in places pockets of rot. this is a prime one, in the bilge of this boat. The planking ribs and engine bearer.

The rot was caused by not keeping the bilge clean and dry and also a lack of proper ventilation in the engine compartment and aft cabin.   

This is just one of the main frames of the port side in the area of the aft cabin, the ribs are in a similar condition and will have to be replaced before the new planking can get put back in place. 

A bad area of rot, this is the main bulkhead between the engine compartment and the aft cabin and shows what happens when you seal up a wooden boat without proper ventilation and then use the boat as a liveaboard. 

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