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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Boat Lay Up Maintenance List

This short list will get you ready for the winter laying period and help to ensure you have stress free winter laying period.
  1. Remove all loose equipment in cabin off the boat and label up items 
  2. Remove sails and list repairs needed to be done by sail-maker over the winter months
  3. Check out boat cradle if you have your own and service or repair as necessary before boat is hauled out for the winter
  4. Get boat booked in with the boatyard to have it hauled out and have engine winterized  at the same time
  5. Remember to drain off the water system to avoid spilt pipes and tanks over the winter months.
  6. Fill fuel tanks up to stop any condensation happening in the fuel tank so that will cause problems in the spring
  7. Book outboard engine for its yearly service so it is ready for the new season
  8. Return life raft to hirer or if it is your own arrange for it to be services over the winter months ready for the next season
  9. Get a good winter cover for the boat and make sure it is well fitting 
  10. Remember to get power cable for boat so that you can get the smaller jobs done on the boat over the winter months.
  11. Finally enjoy your laying period.

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