Saturday, 21 June 2014

Work on a number of boats at the same time at the moment

At the moment it is busy at J-Star Boats as we get a number of different project underway for different owners. A couple of Shetland cruisers in need of a bit of TLC and a good compounding and polishing of the hulls and topsides and a revamp of the interiors. Then there is the New Mai-Star Class of dinghy that needs finishing off with the last two planks making and fitting to the moulds before it as its ribs fitted and the fitting out done with the fitting of the thwarts, seats, the centreboard made and fitted and the gunwales and the stringers and finally the mast and spars made and the sail.

While all this is going on working on Mai-Star II and getting her ready to go back in the water for August.

If this was not enough going to Derbyshire to do some major restoration work on a motorboat with a badly rotten port side, no job is too big for the team as we can and will tackle any number of different jobs as the team have come across many of them in the past.  

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