Sunday, 8 June 2014

New project for the next few months.

A new restoration project for the next few months, in need of a bit more than just a bit of TLC. Major plank removal and a new section of chine to put in the port side aft and a fair few planks on the topsides and the bottom

Previous patch jobs done by a former owner  
Most of the hull above the waterline is in good condition apart from the couple of areas where weather and boxed in areas have done
 Half of the planking that needs to come from the port side aft area of the boat. the forward part is in good condition.

 Photo showing some of the bottom planks being removed as this is where the major part of the rot was in the bottom in the area of the boat that was closed in and was damp.

A large section of planking coming out of the port side, but thankfully not a lot is wrong with the starboard side.

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