Sunday, 2 March 2014

Work for next week, to get through the work list.

Because of the weather has been poor and the boat is outside under its winter cover, it as not been possible to get on with much work on the boat. Hopefully now the weather is a bit better it will be possible to get on with the work on the work list on the boat itself and not just the smaller parts in the workshop.

The first job is to clean the hull of all its paint and get back to bare wood and start again once the new ribs are refitted and the seams are sorted out and re-puttied and then primed.

Then get the ribs steamed into place and clich├ęd up and the nail holes filled, then the two planks in the bottom at the aft end on the port side.

While all this is being done get on with the deck edge and get it profiled and sealed ready to fit the new cabin sides.

So hopefully by the end of the week should have the ribs in and the cabin sides started to be fitted. 

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