Monday, 31 March 2014

A mixed day of little jobs

It has been a mixed day of little jobs that needed to be done on the Mai-Star I dinghy. The boat had to be washed down and cleaned inside and out and the bottom had to be pessure cleaned to remove the old antifouling and the mud from the weekend work which involved going back to the Hardy to put it back on its mooring when the tide camr back in at about 10 pm on saturday night. After picking up the dinghy from the local country club this morning. It was time to bring the dinghy home and start to clean it up. The first job was to clean out the mud from the inside and then turn it over and clean the outside and the bottom. While the boat was drying off there were a few repairs to do to its trialer which inculded removing and renewing the bolts that held the bilge roller on the trialer so that they could be made adjustable as they had seized up after years of being set in the same position. After this was done then the boat was put back on the trialer so the the work can be started tomorrow on getting up to spec for the coming season.

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